Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Baby

I went baby shopping - baby doll that is. :) I already had 3 dolls. One is named Mini Purl because she’s preemie sized. If you’re old like me you’ll remember Minnie Pearl so you can see I took her name and changed it some. :)
The other 2 dolls are between 3 mos and 6 mos sized so I really “needed” a newborn sized doll. I found one at Toys R Us for about $22 and she’s just the right size. I took a measuring tape with me and measured her head, chest and length to be sure. I think the clerk thought I was a crazy old lady. LOL
After Toys R Us, Bob (yes he was with me when I measured the doll, but he already knew that I’m a crazy old lady) and I went to the mall to get his watch battery put in. While we were waiting for that, we sat in the chairs in the middle of the Mall and a new Mom and her 3 week old baby sat near us. My new doll was in the car so I couldn’t hold it beside the baby, but I’m pretty sure they are both the same size! The new Mom said her baby is already sleeping all night - lucky Mom!
I decided that since the doll was bought/born on the 4th of July, her name will be Julie. :) Bob says the house is getting crowded with dolls. They’re all on the sofa. LOL
I had to interrupt her TV watching to take this picture. She was watching the news with Bob. :)

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