Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plan #67 and 3/4

About 2 months ago, my daughter, Colleen, bought some sock yarn, small skeins in a variety of pastel colors. She divided each skein into 2 cakes (balls). She then gave one of each to me (about 270 grams altogether) and kept the same for herself. She told me we were doing a KAL (knit along) and I had to decide what we'd be knitting.

Well, for the past  months I've been dilly-dallying and changing my mind every other hour (literally!!!). First I decided I'd make a small shawl but although I love shawls, I don't really like "small" ones. Then I decided I'd make intarsia or fair isle socks, but I just haven't been in the mood to do that type of knitting. The type of knitting I feel like doing is VERY important. If I start a project that I really don't feel like knitting, it won't get finished! Not a good thing. Then I figured I'd knit just striped socks, but that sounded rather boring, so I scrapped that idea rather quickly.

So, back and forth I went for 2 months until yesterday...when I came up with plan #67 and 3/4! I'm making socks! But not just any old socks.

I'm using this pattern: Nine-to-Five Socks by Nicole Hindes, but I'm knitting these in random width stripes. If you're a member of Ravelry, you can download this pattern for free. I've made these socks once before and they were a fun knit and fit well too. Since about 100 grams of sock yarn will make 1 pair of socks for me, I see a second pair in my future. :)

Here's a picture of my share of the yarn and the beginning of one sock. Colleen, are you up for the KAL???

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Varsity Sweater

I finally finished my pattern for the Baby Varsity Sweater and the pattern is now for sale on I love the teal blue and navy blue ones but not the green one. The teal was made using Red Heart Soft yarn (yarn was gifted to me), the navy was made using Lion Brand Wool Ease (came out well and is nice and soft) and the green was made using Loops & Thread Impeccable (this yarn was also gifted to me but the yarn is really heavier than most worsted weight yarn and isn't so pleasant to use).

I do like this new pattern though. I can just picture a cute little baby wearing it. :)