Thursday, February 7, 2013

Esther's Choice

My friend, Esther, told me she was planning on knitting a sweater for someone who was expecting a first baby so I told Esther she could have any (or all) of my baby sweater patterns, if she liked. Her response was that she wanted the one I was currently creating. Of course. Well, at least that gave me an added incentive to finish the pattern. :)

The whole time I was knitting that design I had struggled with trying to decide on a name for the pattern. Now I had no further questions about it's name. It became Esther's Choice! Thanks, Es!

This sweater is knit top-down and has cable panels on either side of the front bands, down the center of each sleeve and on the sides of the body, under each arm. It also has a 2 stitch cable on each of the 4 raglan seams.
The sweater body is knit flat and the sleeves are knit in the round.