Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy Lacy Socks

The name I gave to my new sock pattern (the stitch pattern is an easy knit) doesn't reflect what occurred before the pattern was complete. When I started knitting the sock pattern, I loved the look of the pattern but it just had no stretch to it, so the sock didn't fit! Grrrr! I frogged it, added stitches, frogged it yet again, modified the pattern some more and finally got it to fit. Yea! During all of this knitting and frogging I had been working from a handwritten pattern and hand written chart.

Then I typed the pattern and after downloading some knitting fonts, attempted a chart. Whew! I ended up with problem after problem trying to get the chart to behave the way I wanted it. I can't begin to describe my frustration. My knitting skills FAR surpass my computer skills.

Finally, thanks to my new BFF Jennifer :), who kindly suggested she'd help me learn how to do a chart in a document if I'd bring my laptop to our weekly knitting group. So there we sat in Barnes & Noble last week with my laptop in front of us, and Jen showed me that, yes, it IS possible to put that #%$* chart where I wanted it to go. LOL The end result is a new sock pattern for sale in my pattern store on Here's a picture.