Friday, December 30, 2011

One done, one to go!

I finished the 1st sock of my KAL (KAL is with my daughter, Colleen) the day before I fell, which was on Nov 28th. Because of my injuries (4 stitches in my temple and a mild concussion which caused a miserable headache) I didn't knit at all for over a week, then wasn't comfortable knitting on US size 1 needles with sock yarn until yesterday. I just took a picture of the completed sock plus the 2nd one currently on my needles and realize now that the 1st picture of the 1st sock was just about at the same point of completion when I took that picture. I'm nothing if not consistent. LOL

These are definitely colorful socks! Wait until you see the tote bag I'll be making once the socks are done.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kangaroo Pocket Baby Hoodie

After I finished the Baby Varsity Sweater, Bob suggested I make a baby sweater with a hood. It sounded like a cute idea so I started to work on it. I had almost finished all the four sizes except for the pocket on the last one, by cyber Monday.

We needed a few things from the store, like scotch tape and printer ink, so there we were shopping (I should have stayed home and shopped online) when I tripped over an empty shelf that was just a few inches above the floor. I couldn't stop myself from falling and banged my left temple on the (very) hard floor when I landed. I ended up in a not so Quick Care where the doctor put in 4 stitches to the left of my eyebrow. The headache from the mild concussion I had, lasted for a week. I seem to be OK now and finally bought the printer ink yesterday. :)

The results of my fall delayed my knitting for the better part of 2 weeks. I've finally finished the hoodie and took pictures. The pattern is now for sale here: Kangaroo Pocket Baby Hoodie.

I had finished one of the socks I'd been knitting before my fall, but haven't even tried to work on the 2nd sock since then. The needles and yarn are so small, I've been afraid of getting another headache. Maybe I'll try again this coming week.