Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A sweater for me!

I've decided I need a sweater - for ME,  this time. :) I've designed lots of tiny baby sweaters, but never an adult sweater. Over the years I've knit probably dozens of adult sweaters from other people's patterns. Sometimes I've knit them exactly as the pattern says, but other times I've changed them to suit myself. But I've always used the pattern as a guide for all the numbers - you know, stitch count etc.

Well, this time I'm doing my own pattern. I have Barbara Walker's book Knitting from the Top Down (the title has a down arrow symbol at the end, not the word down, but I don't know how to put that here - my knitting skills are better than my computer skills sigh). The book was a gift from my daughter, Colleen a few years ago. Thanks, Colleen. She's an accomplished knitter herself (among a ton of other crafts).

My sweater will be a raglan cardigan with a double cable panel on either side of the front bands and cable panels at each of the raglan "seams". I'm in the process of working out the number of stitches. I'll need more than a plain sweater would require because of the cables, so I hope I figured it out correctly. The proof will be in the knitting. I'll knit the neck band and front bands after the sweater is complete. We'll see how it goes.

Here's the yarn I'm using. It's Knit Picks Brava Worsted, an acrylic yarn in their Denim colorway. I have several cardigans in wool but I want one in acrylic this time. There are times of the year here that I need a sweater, but wool is just too warm. This is the desert after all.


  1. That will go with anything...what cables are you using?

  2. I'm using just a 2x2 cable at the raglan seam. The rest is going to be Plan B. I need to frog. I'll do another blog.