Sunday, January 4, 2015


It's been months but I have finally designed a new baby sweater and hat. This one is an easy and quick knit, worked seamlessly from the top down (the hat too). I made it in teal green and also in a nice caramel color, although it looks chocolate in the pictures. The picture of the teal one was taken with my new iPhone 6 and that picture is much clearer than the ones taken with my iPad mini. The camera on my new phone is terrific, even better than my digital camera that doesn't do anything but take pictures!

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  1. Hi Nan - I bought a hat today at a local thrift shop that had a tag in it that says Hand Made By Nan-Knits. Wondering if that would be you - it is a purple felted bowler had with hand sewn lace and bead decoration - would love to know if this is one of yours. I love this hat and can't wait to wear it. Would love to send you a picture to see if it's yours but couldn't find an email for you. My email is