Friday, December 30, 2011

One done, one to go!

I finished the 1st sock of my KAL (KAL is with my daughter, Colleen) the day before I fell, which was on Nov 28th. Because of my injuries (4 stitches in my temple and a mild concussion which caused a miserable headache) I didn't knit at all for over a week, then wasn't comfortable knitting on US size 1 needles with sock yarn until yesterday. I just took a picture of the completed sock plus the 2nd one currently on my needles and realize now that the 1st picture of the 1st sock was just about at the same point of completion when I took that picture. I'm nothing if not consistent. LOL

These are definitely colorful socks! Wait until you see the tote bag I'll be making once the socks are done.

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