Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Varsity Sweater

I finally finished my pattern for the Baby Varsity Sweater and the pattern is now for sale on ravelry.com. I love the teal blue and navy blue ones but not the green one. The teal was made using Red Heart Soft yarn (yarn was gifted to me), the navy was made using Lion Brand Wool Ease (came out well and is nice and soft) and the green was made using Loops & Thread Impeccable (this yarn was also gifted to me but the yarn is really heavier than most worsted weight yarn and isn't so pleasant to use).

I do like this new pattern though. I can just picture a cute little baby wearing it. :)


  1. Purchased your pattern and am starting the sweater. Just to be sure...in your raglan increases, you have an abbreviation "SM". Can I safely assume that means "stitch marker"?

    1. Debbie, I'm so sorry! I just checked the pattern and I never put "SM = slip marker" in the abbreviations section. I hope this hasn't caused you a problem.
      Happy knitting,

    2. No problem. I'll add it to my copy of the instructions and be merrily knitting on. Thanks for your help.