Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knitting Bag

Every time I go to my weekly knitting group, I feel like a pack animal. I take a good sized shoulder bag (stuffed too full) and a large tote bag (also stuffed too full) that has the pockets I like. I made the tote bag a few years ago to carry my knitting and knitting accessories. I've been telling myself for 2 years "self, you need a rolling knitting bag so you won't look and feel like a pack animal". I've looked for a rolling knitting bag, but all the ones I've found that had the multiple pockets I NEED are more money than I'm willing to spend.

Finally, I decided to check out rolling backpacks, not that I'd ever use one as a backpack. That would really make me feel like a pack animal. Anyway, after an extensive search on the web sites of all our local stores and the internet in general, I couldn't find precisely the bag I wanted. They either were too big, didn't have the pockets I NEED, or they were more money than I'm willing to spend. I had the bright idea to go to the local Swap Meet (known by some as a flea market). It's only up the street, a hop, skip and a jump away as my Mom used to say. They had JUST what I wanted and the price was right. It's not too big and has all the pockets I NEED. Pockets are important. :)

Bob says the handle to pull it is too short. He keeps forgetting that I'm short too!!! The height of the handle is JUST RIGHT for me. Check it out...

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